Capsules full of nature


Menstrin 1 capsule
Chasteberry 130 mg
Feverfew 100 mg
Sage 100 mg
Lemon Balm 70 mg
Baikal Skullcap 50 mg
Vitamin B2 1,4 mg
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg
Vitamin B 12 2,5 mcg


The herbal blend contained in Menstrin has a beneficial effect on the vitality of women during the menstrual period. It sets the hormonal balance in the body and supports the immune system. In addition to natural immunity to the body, it also provides mental well-being and energy for the physical side of the body.

Thanks to its composition, Menstrin helps to improve the mental and physical condition of women during periods of menstruation.

Menstrin, by its composition, helps to increase comfort during the premenstrual period and climacterium, when most women do not feel physically and mentally well. Herbal formulations and vitamins bring increased menstrual comfort, promote a healthy sexual system in women and reduce pain during menstrual bleeding.

Packet full of nature

Menstrin is also suitable for young girls from the first menstrual period or for women who, for whatever reason, want to, or have to avoid hormonal treatment. The product is suitable and beneficial to all women due to its composition. It is a capsule that consists of selected herbal extracts and vitamins suitable for the female organism.

It is known that a woman needs some other vitamins and support for her body than it is for men. This is because the body of a man has been created by nature as a powerful subject, providing a living and protecting a woman, children and property. While the woman’s body was created to give new life, to be fragile and delicate and at the same tine healthy, strong and durable.

The proportion of active substances in the capsule

Drmek obecný
Řimbaba obecná
Šalvěj lékařská
Meduňka lékařská
Šišák bajkalský
Vitamin B2 + B6 + B12


Chasteberry (vitex agnus castus) also known as monk’s pepper or Abraham’s balm is a less branched shrub or tree, reaching a height of up to 6 meters. Its leaves are deciduous and consist of 5 – 7 petals that are up to 10 cm long. At the bottom you will find white bristle leaves that turn black after they die. Its origin is from warm parts of Europe – you can find it especially around the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor and Caucasus.

Beneficial effect: Its most important ability is that the substances contained in it act in the body similarly to some female hormones. Thanks to this, it has a beneficial effect on painful menstrual cycles and corrects them. It helps especially in cases of painful, irregular and strong menstruation, when excessive bleeding occurs.


Feverfew is a flowering plant in the daisy family Asteraceae. It is a perennial plant reaching up to 1 meter of height, which has its typical distinctive aroma. Its flowers are white or yellow in color, according to the arrangement, and the stem is angular, straight and branched. It occurs in Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia. In the Czech Republic it is grown in domestic gardens, but you can also meet it as a wild plant on meadows and plains. Feverfew is used to blossom gathering.

Feverfew helps with its substances to remove migraine and unpleasant headaches during menstruation. It maintains mental balance, prevents frequent mood swings and prevents depression. In regular use, it reduces irregular menstrual cycles and relieves menstrual cramps. It has the ability to neutralize some prostaglandins to a certain degree. Prostaglandins are substances that cause mainly menstrual cramps and pain.


Sage, used for more than a thousand years, is a multi-year old green shrub, growing in height from 30 to 80 centimeters. Sage is known for its beautiful blue-violet flowers that bloom especially in the summer. Its leaves are oval-shaped, with a strong aromatic scent. They play a mixture of shades of red, purple and gray. The texture of the leaves is delicate, but their taste is “very astringent” and bitter.

Sage is used against excessive sweating or resulting fevers and other phenomena that are attributed to hormonal fluctuations during menstruation. It also has the ability to suppress menstrual pain and stomach cramps. It protects the body against urinary tract infection that many women suffer from. With greater concentration of sage, however, the uterus is encouraged. So sage is often also used to induce menstruation.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a perennial herb that grows up to 70 cm high. You know it according to a square, crowned stem, which is richly branched and has thick veined leaves. The color of flowers is usually pale pink or white. The root of this perennial is reptile. Its origin is in the eastern Mediterranean, but for many years it has grown widely in Central Europe.

Lemon Balm is known for its beneficial effects on body and mind. It is used both in the cosmetic industry as well as internal support (for example, tea), to calm the mind and to establish a hormonal balance. It is these effects – the calm mind, the positive mood and the balance of hormonal levels in the body that are beneficial, especially for women during the menstrual cycle.

Baikal Skullcap

It is a perennial herb, growing 40 to 80 cm high. Its brown root is massive, the stem is ascending, rather decanting and broadly branched. The leaves of this herb are lanceolate, all-round, and the flowers are characterized by racemous inflorescence, in a beautiful purple color.

The main healing aspects of the baikal skullcap include lowering blood pressure, calming nerve irritation, and suppressing pain during the menstrual cycle. Thanks to the contained body-beneficial flavonoids it acts spasmolytically, so it helps with muscle spasms and builds internal bleeding. Thanks to this, it is widely used during menstrual bleeding and as a relief for menstrual pain / cramp.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and reduces fatigue. It acts against exhaustion of the organism and is beneficial for energy metabolism. It is given as support in the difficult days of menstruation, which exerts an exhaustive effect on our physical and mental aspects. It also helps with headaches and migraines. It is beneficial for healthy mucous membranes.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system and increases our energy metabolism. By helping to regulate hormonal activity, it is beneficial for the proper physical and mental condition of a woman during menstruation and prevents fatigue or feeling of exhaustion. It also works well against migraines and burning headaches during menstruation.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 especially reduces fatigue and is effective for menstrual cycle disorders. It returns the menstrual cycle in order and harmonizes it. It has the ability to return the body’s natural defenses – immunity, and supports hematopoiesis.